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Your Stories

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With this interactive digital archive, the University of Minnesota pays tribute to the history of Memorial Stadium. That history includes the stories, photos, and memories of generations of people. It would be an honor to have your Memorial Stadium recollections added to the site. Click on the Add Your Story link above and share in capturing the history of Memorial Stadium.

I’m having trouble adding my story. Who can I contact?
Feel free to call or email University Archives. We’re open Monday through Friday. or 612-624-0562

I just sent in my story but don’t see it on the website. When will it be posted?
We review submissions as they come in and post them as quickly as possible. If your story isn’t posted immediately, please try back later today or tomorrow.

Who owns the stories I contributed to the site?
You do! The University reserves the right to make your contribution publicly available, to copy it for preservation in the Archives, and to use it in ways consistent with University and Libraries policies.